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The Schultz Family Farm has been operating since 1894, with the fifth generation currently growing up on the property, learning and living the farming life. 


Pigs are amazing creatures with a complex social capacity, intelligence capable of learning and reasoning. The Schultz family is passionate about ethical husbandry and believe animals deserve to be treated with appreciation and respect. 


Our animals have constant access to the outdoors; forest and pasture, to turn stones, dig in soil and wallow, to see the sky and express natural instincts. 


We have always believed animals raised in a natural environment with freedom from stress and a quality diet is the key to flavour.

"The modern discerning customer wants to know more about the provenance of their food....

That their food is being locally and ethically produced by real Aussie farmers"..... Vaughn Schultz

Director & Head Swineherd

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